I come from a small artist town, Olot, north of Barcelona. I been living abroad for last 21 years, connecting with people from very different cultural backgrounds, and I have learn the important in life is the people.

I use my art to express my concerns about the society, their fears, their desires, their moral issues, and sometimes I just one make people smile when they look at it.

I get influenced by almost everything surround me, but probably Picasso is always in my mind:
" “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”


I been 10 years working as a chef, and I use the discipline I got, on my life as an artist. Hard work, no excuses, not complain. And do sport help me on that.

I use oil or acrylic/mix media depend of the project and the mood I am. My art is defined by expressive colors, as colors are translated in feelings, and that´s my target of it.